Saturday, 26 December 2009

My "IT" bag

Ruched at the sides, 80s esque-chain handles, tassel detail to finish off the look, what more can one need in an "IT" bag. I've officially fallen in love, died and gone to retail heaven.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Hi, Society!

It was a happy day for Gossip Girl fans when Blair and Chuck finally put aside there differences, commitment phobias etc and decided to finally admit they belong together, ahhhh don't they look sweet....

As well as the striking ensamble she has put together -who knew green and yellow could go so well together?! - my attention was immediately focused on the headband she chose to don that afternoon.

Having trouble making out its greatness? Take a closer look....

No doubt it costs a ridiculous amount of money as most of Blair Waldorf's items of clothing/accessories tend to fall in the £5000-£10,000 range, now if your mother happens to be a successfuly in designer in NY then this should not really be perceived as a problem but if you're like me; a poor student with very little money then the words improvise and alternatives should come to mind. Topshop has done just that and it comes at a mere price of £8-00. If Blair Waldorf wasn't fictional, I'm sure she'd approve.

I have found the ultimate winter accessory...

....and it comes in the form of a headband!! Look, look, isn't it just the prettiest thing ever! My mother very cleverly (smart woman that she is) pointed out yesterday that I am somewhat limited when it comes to winter fashion due to the fact that I don't own very many winter clothes. I am normally all for layering a la Olsen twins. now layering is normally fine and keeps me feeling lovely, snug and warm but it's colder than ever now and it's time now to accept that the harsher weather conditions require warmer clothes. So, I have decided that the oh so cute head band will be my first item. With accessories as chic as these, one will probably praying the sun to stay away for as long as possible!

I made a wish and it came true!!!

Evidently (see below) it was only yesterday I was gushing over the lace dresses and feeling slightly bitter about the fact that I had missed out on a lovely purchase. Cry no more, cream lace dresses are back in stock-oh yes!! Hmmmm only problem is, do I *need* more clothes, can my visa card handle another bashing? Ahhh, seize the moment I say, it is Christmas after all....

Monday, 21 December 2009

All That Lace.

Okay, okay, so I guess I'm having to swallow my pride. I think it was early summer when I read that lace was going to be huge fo A/W09, I may have even caught a glimpse of a few items. The laced accessories, I had no problem with. I even contemplated on buying a lace scarf but then never got round to it. The dresses on the otherhand I did not warm to at all, they were just too goth-esque for me, especially black lace. I am now all for lace! The skater dresses topshop have are adorable, team with a pair of opaque tights and cute tan ankle boots and your on your way. I am just a tiny bit upset I missed out on the cream laced skater dress-boooo.

Breaking Dawn? More like breaking yawn....

Okay, so maybe this has been said a lot and I lie when I write breaking yawn, it wasn't *that* bad. All I can say is, wow, SMeyer sure loves a happy ending.

I did enjoy it-especially the Jacob chapters-but it was just a huge anti-climax, though in all fairness, I guess with Twilight, we always knew where the books were going. How it was all going to end.

Harry Potter.

I finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows AGAIN! I've actually only read it once since it was first published in the summer of 2007. I remember when it was released, I tried putting off reading it for the longest time because I was so sad it was coming to an end. I think I just locked myself in my house for a month, I didn't want to risk having it all spoilt for me.
I guess my memory is pretty bad because I remembered very little-is it normal to forget so much??! In my defence, it was two years ago. Well, I guess this is the perfect time to use the "silver lining" expression, poor memory? silver lining-enjoy the world of Harry Potter again and again and again! (:
It's like family, is it weird to say that? It certainly feels like that. Like when your favourite cousin comes over to stay, that's what Harry Potter et al are like to me. My little world I get to visit and now it's over. Sob. It fills me up with joy when I read the books, it takes me away to a safe place where I have no worries, no problems.
I've been writing a letter to JK for almost an entire a year now, i need everything about it to be perfect. I hope she gets to read it, two years after the Hazza phenomenon ended and I expect she's still being bombarded with fan mail. I just want to thank her for giving us this wonderful world.