Tuesday, 19 January 2010

It's Faux!

I have decided that the year of 2010 will be for experimenting more with fashion, normally I just play safe and wear things which I know work for me and people are familiar with.

I've always wanted a leopard print fur coat and think that they can definitely be stylish when combined with the right items of clothing, regardless of what anybody else says!

The oh-so-stylish Alexa Chung fights the freeze in this 3/4 length faux-fur coat.

Other stars that are also following the trend; Nicky Hilton, Mary-Kate Olsen, Kate Moss (from left to right, respectively) and Alexa again!

Layering it up on the runway, Dsquared2 Fall 2009. Who would have thought a printed t-shirt, a plaid shirt, a denim jacket finished off a beautiful cropped leopard print jacket would look so efortlessly chic, certainly not me!


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