Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Hi, Society!

It was a happy day for Gossip Girl fans when Blair and Chuck finally put aside there differences, commitment phobias etc and decided to finally admit they belong together, ahhhh don't they look sweet....

As well as the striking ensamble she has put together -who knew green and yellow could go so well together?! - my attention was immediately focused on the headband she chose to don that afternoon.

Having trouble making out its greatness? Take a closer look....

No doubt it costs a ridiculous amount of money as most of Blair Waldorf's items of clothing/accessories tend to fall in the £5000-£10,000 range, now if your mother happens to be a successfuly in designer in NY then this should not really be perceived as a problem but if you're like me; a poor student with very little money then the words improvise and alternatives should come to mind. Topshop has done just that and it comes at a mere price of £8-00. If Blair Waldorf wasn't fictional, I'm sure she'd approve.

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